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Having a large Scottish heritage that migrated from England into Canada to Maine and other states. I am from a family of 9. Six girls and 3 boys. My dad died young when I was about 8 years old. I have 4 children and 3 step children with the great joy of 20 grandchildren. I worked in financial institutions and accounting for many years. Now I sew and make lots of stuffed animals and many other things. I'm a grandmother that has years of sewing in a wide variety of catagories. Photography has become one of my passions over the years. Nature that God has presented us is one of the greatest to photograph. My family and pets hate to see me with a camera in my hands. The bug took hold at Christmas time taking photos of my children in front of the tree. That became a tradition. Then you have family gatherings, vacations, grandchildren and the list could go on.

Friday, March 2, 2007

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Etsy Jewelry Stores

Etsy Jewelry Stores

Just touching on the subject of jewelry a bit. Since, I am not much into jewelry (just collect a little and try to remember wearing it once in a while). I am making a small stab at promoting a few of my Etsy fellow stores. So here goes!
MsBelle - Artisan Crafted Jewelry has a delightful store Earrings both charming and elegant, her Necklaces are eye catching! Check out this unique Bracelet. Then she has Sets of combinations of Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings. Check her store out to see her lovelies!
The Happy Hippie makes unique things from Hemp and other materials. This is called Becky Collection, Hemp Necklaces, Bracelets, this is her non hemp things! Do I need to say more! I have an adorable key chain made by her. And look at this Butterfly bracelet she sold, I just love Butterflies. You Must check her out.
Jewelry By Sarah lets start with her Wine Stem Charms! Aren't those critters adorable. Then besides jewelry she makes Magnets. We got sidetracked here! Check our her necklaces and these darling bracelets. Check out her SOLD to check who likes what!
TreasureField is a Carolinan like myself right now. She has Jewlery, Art!, Books, just to mention a few. Check her out and see what you like.
Have to throw in a store from Maine my birthplace.
MEcraftedcreations there are a lot of different catagories in this store! I am only going to list headings so YOU can check them out. Lets begin with Scafts, Hats because you know it gets real coooold there! Slippers to keep your feet warm inside, Afghans another item to warm you inside. Jewelry another item to wear but not to keep you warm! Something called Odds & Ends a must to see? Photos! Handbags yup we are getting to the end of catagories only two more to go! This one is Mittens/Gloves/Etc, phew! Last catagory and probably the most important her 8YearOlds stuff! I have grown children and grandchildren so know how important these things are.
Check these stores out. There is a lot of talent on Etsy. We make handmade things from our heart!

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